Random Workplace drug testing: Why do employers drug test?

It is a conventional issue as many people suspect and misinterpret the whole idea of drug testing at a workplace. Moreover, the employees feel that this drug testing is a type of violation of one’s rights, which is wrong. Most employers want to hire employees who do not use any narcotics and want to keep a check on their current employees. Furthermore, we understand both sides, and yes, there are both pros and cons of drug testing.

The purpose of the drug test is to check whether drugs are present in your body or not. Read the post on how long do drug stays in the body.

workplace drug test

Many people have many misconceptions regarding a drug test of employees in any company. Additionally, workers have a negative attitude towards these testing and have a lack of trust. Employers suggest that drug testing is for protecting their business from any drug damage, which will ruin their reputation. Moreover, there are several reasons like workplace safety, protection, legal, morality, and ethics that make a company take this decision. The Urine test is most commonly used for testing to detect drugs in employee urine. The employee should remove all the drugs present in his body before going for the test.

Why do employers drug test

Safety for All

If any worker in a company uses drugs will be hazardous and dangerous to other people. Moreover, there are chances of getting hurt and health hazards to the employer, employees, and customers. Anyone around a drug abuser is in danger and risk. Additionally, if a worker in charge of safety checks uses drugs in certain scenarios, then the business’s proper functioning will get affected.

Protect Business Reputation

Business owners not just think about their companies reputation but also the protection of employees and customers. There is a high need for the effect of a lawsuit, which can degrade the reputation of the company if found guilty. Moreover, if it is revealed that many employees working in a company use drugs and checks were not up to the mark, the customers will stop buying.

Keeping Productive and Effective

There are some cases where no accidents happen even after drug abuse. However, the productivity level definitely gets affected and have extensive effects. Narcotics that are illegal can affect your brain and the body for a long period. Moreover, drug use has adverse effects on any employee’s performance and completion of fewer work results from the same. It deteriorates the productivity quality of the company and creates a nuisance in the environment of the company.

Being Part of The Community

It is a very bad indication of dishonesty and poor lifestyle when it is found that drug abuse occurs in any area. Moreover, everyone in society wants to get a solution to this issue as soon as possible. It also includes casting blame or blaming others and accusing them of getting rid of a drug abuser’s tag. Additionally, as a part of the community, companies want to fight this issue and be more responsible.

Avoiding Lawsuits

In scenarios where someone gets injured or harmed due to business or employee actions, it will lead to an investigation. There might be a legal claim or order to sue the company, which will be a threat to the company’s reputation. Moreover, the legal consequences are not just faced by the employees but the whole business. Even conducting testing will not make sure that such wrongdoings are going on or not.

To Help Drug Users

The most important factor above all is that drug user employees will need help to get rid of this habit. Moreover, many people think they will get removed, but the employer just wants to help.


Types of Workplace Drug Testing

  • Pre-employment Tests

The most common type of workplace drug testing is pre-employment tests. Moreover, it is necessary to undergo this test as a condition for getting employment. Many times if there are some drug abusers, they try to step back before the test. Some consider this testing as an invasion of privacy, and they don’t require such tests for proving themselves innocent. Here is the full detail on why companies drug test.

  • Random Tests

It has the main purpose of preventing narcotics abuse of any kind in the workplace. Moreover, it is considered as a random substance exam for effective prevention measures. It has reason to check if some employee during employment is consuming drugs. Additionally, it is to help employees adopt a better lifestyle and overcome this nasty habit.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Reasonable suspicion is when the employer has a doubt on any employee for drug abuse. Only that particular employee will get tested and not others. Moreover, it is a great test for finding any suspected employee and helping to overcome the habit. It is quite challenging for any employer to have this test due to many reasons.

  • Post-Accident Drug Testing

It is conducted after some incident takes place regarding the issue to prevent similar occurrence. Moreover, it is beneficial for prevention and keeping everyone safe. Additionally, it will analyze the incident and help for non-occurrence in the future. 

  • Return to Duty Drug Testing

As the name suggests, return to Duty is when an employee who was tested positive for narcotics after treatment returns back. It is a part of EAP for referring a specific worker after the medical professionals say he/she is fit for work.

  • Follow-Up Drug Testing

Follow-Up Drug testing is for someone who was positive for illicit substance use. It is performed with RTD and is according to the regulations. Moreover, it plays an important role in a healthy, safe, and sound workplace.

Urinalysis test, hair follicle test, saliva test, and blood test is most commonly used in workplace drug testing.

The main reason for an employer or company owner to order drug testing is a drug-free environment for work. Moreover, higher productivity is much more important than a big profit will nasty things going on in the workplace. Additionally, it will avoid any fatal accidents and allow a great workflow efficiently and effectively. A healthy life adoption for employees is the main concern and provides a secure environment without any fear of fatal accidents. A great lifestyle and unsuspecting working are much better than having a suspicion of any employee.

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