Rapid Clear Clean Pee Review 2024- Does It Work?

If you need a clear urine sample, synthetic urine may be the best option available to you. Rapid Clear Clean Pee is a dehydrated urine product that can be used to pass a drug test after it’s mixed with water. Is this product truly effective? You can find out more in the rapid clear clean pee review below.

Rapid clear clean pee review

Synthetic urine needs ingredients like uric acid, urea, and creatinine in order to convincingly pass as real urine. Not only does Rapid Clear contain all of these ingredients, but it also has pH levels that are highly realistic. It’s free of toxins and other ingredients that could cause a product to be detected as synthetic.

Rapid Clear Clean Pee is not worth your money. I prefer TestClear Powdered urine over Rapid Clear Pee.

rapid clear clean pee

What the Kit Includes

When you purchase Rapid Clear, the only thing you’ll receive is the dehydrated urine. This means you may have to invest in additional accessories to use this product successfully. For example, you may need a leg strap that you can use to conceal the urine sample or a warmer that will keep it at the appropriate temperatures.

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How It Works

Rapid Clear is easy to use and extremely user friendly. To create a urine sample, the dehydrated urine will need to be mixed with water. From there, the urine must be heated to match body temperature. The urine must be kept at that temperature until it’s time to take a drug test. Your synthetic urine will need to be mixed before arriving at the drug testing facility.

The urine should be safely stored out of direct sunlight until it’s ready to be used. Sun exposure can alter the chemicals in urine, causing a sample to no longer be viable. If the urine is being used for a drug test at another location, you’ll need to purchase additional accessories that will allow you to keep the at body temperature and safely conceal the sample until you’re ready to take the test.

How Long Will a Sample Last?

After a sample has been mixed, it must be used within 24 hours. Although it’s possible to create an incredibly realistic urine sample with Rapid Clear, the sample will deteriorate over time. Since the sample can be mixed and heated quickly, many users opt to mix their sample on the day of their drug test. The sample must be fully mixed and heated, however, which means users won’t want to wait until the last minute to heat their sample up. Here is the detailed guide on when does synthetic urine expire?

Is It Difficult to Store Rapid Clear?

Rapid Clear comes in a very small vial. Once the urine has been mixed and heated, it can be stored in that vial or elsewhere. Since the vial is so small, it’s easy to discreetly carry the same. However, a leg strap may be a necessary accessory in some testing environments. Although Rapid Clear should be heated immediately after it is mixed, it will gradually cool, particularly in air conditioned environments. Heating pads can be used to keep it at the right temperature until the sample is used, or warming gloves can be used to heat the same before it is turned in.

Is It Necessary to Use a Detox Drink?

Rapid Clear can be used to create a realistic urine sample. When you use this product, you won’t need to provide any of your own urine, which means that products like detox drinks won’t be necessary.

If you’re trying to decide between Rapid Clear and a detox drink, you’ll find that Rapid Clear is the more reliable option. Detox drinks don’t always work, and there’s no way to know if your urine sample is clean until after you’ve taken the test. In contrast, a Rapid Clear sample is virtually indistinguishable from real urine. The only detox drink that works for the drug test is the mega clean.

Can Anyone Use Rapid Clear pee?

This type of synthetic urine can be used by both men and women. The urine is also easy to mix, making it a product that’s suitable for beginners. However, unlike many synthetic pee products on the market, it does not include the additional equipment that’s needed for successful urine tests. Only the dehydrated urine is included, which means buyers will need to buy accessories if they don’t have them already.

Is Rapid Clear clean pee Effective?

Rapid Clear contains important ingredients that make it virtually indistinguishable from real urine when used properly. A sample created with Rapid Clear can even mimic the gravity of real urine. However, a product like this will not be able to pass a drug test unless it is safely stored and kept at body temperature.

Who Should Buy Rapid Clear Clean Pee?

Customers that already have essential accessories such as a leg strap, heating pads, or hand warmers will appreciate Rapid Clear’s low price and ease of use. Once the sample is mixed, it can easily be use alongside these kinds of accessories.

However, customers that don’t have these accessories may have a better experience if they purchase a full kit that contains all of the supplies that they need. Synthetic urine is only one of the things you’ll need to successfully pass a urine drug test. Without the right equipment, the urine sample that you mix won’t do you any good.

What Devices Can Rapid Clear Be Used With?

This sample can be used with most popular urine heating devices, including popular options like The Urinator heater. Since many synthetic urine kits only provide supplies to create one urine sample, Rapid Clear is an excellent option for anyone that is drug tested on a regular basis.

The Final Conclusion of Rapid Clear Clean Pee Review

Rapid Clear Clean Pee is one of the most affordable synthetic urine products on the market, but there’s a reason for its low price tag. While you can produce an extremely realistic urine sample with Rapid Clear, it doesn’t come with any other accessories that are necessary for passing a drug test.

It’s best to purchase this product if you’ve used synthetic urine before and already have the supplies that you need. Even though the sample is easy to mix, the lack of supplies and instructions makes this product less beginner-friendly than other urine options like TestClear pee.

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