Synthetix5 S5 Synthetic Urine Review

Is Synthetix5 (S5) synthetic urine better than other fake pee brands? Let’s find out in this review. The detailed look at S5 urine ingredients, preparation steps, and its working.

Synthetix5 S5 Synthetic urine Review.

Synthetix5 urine is premix synthetic urine that does not require mixing. The s5 synthetic urine is made in a lab, so it is not real human urine. The s5 synthetic urine contains urea, uric acid, and other ingredients that give it a smell and appearance like real human urine.

S5 Synthetic Urine Review

The Synthetix5 s5 synthetic urine kit:

Let’s look at the Synthetix5 urine kit and what it contains. When you purchase the s5 artificial urine, make sure it contains the following items:

  • 3oz Toxin Free Synthetix5 urine: 100% clean, toxin-free urine that has urea and uric acid
  • Flip top cap: Flip top cap that can help you to pour the synthetic urine pee to the specimen cup
  • Hand warmer: A hand warmer that supplies heat to the urine to keep the urine at body temperature.
  • Rubber band: Rubber band is used to attach the Handwarmer to urine to supply heat to the urine.
  • Instruction manual- The Complete instruction guide will help users use the Synthetix5 urine.

Syntheticx5 Urine features:

  • The S5 synthetic urine is real human urine that contains urea and uric acid.
  • It is reheatable urine
  • The syntheticx5 urine is unisex
  • It is premix urine, so it does not require dilution
  • It has the right pH and gravity level
  • It contains Creatinine, ammonia, and other ingredients in real human urine.

Syntheticx5 synthetic urine preparation.

Like any other synthetic urine, the s5 urine required heating to reach its temperature to body temperature.

First, you must keep the s5 synthetic urine bottle in the microwave for 15 seconds. Keeping the s5 urine in the microwave will increase its body temperature. If you overheat the synthetic urine, wait some time for it to lose its temperature. Observer teh temperature strip and find its reading. We should want the s5 urine temperature between 94 to 100 degrees.

Once the s5 urine reaches the correct temperature, attach the Handwarmer to it to keep it at the s5 urine at the right temperature for six hours.

At the time of the test, pour the urine into the specimen cup for urine analysis.

Does the S5 synthetic urine work for a lab test?

The s5 synthetic urine is relatively new in the market. It has good features, but to pass the drug test, we require the most advanced formula to beat the Lab test. Several alternatives to the s5 synthetic urine, like powdered urine Sub solution urine, are available at the same price but have the highest quality.

So, we don’t recommend the s5 synthetic urine for lab tests. We recommend the clear choice Sub Solution to anyone looking to pass the urine test. The Sub solution urine has many positive reviews and a long history of helping people prepare for urine tests.

Can you reheat synthetic 5?

Yes, you can reheat synthetic urine s5 multiples times. The Synthetix5 urine supports multiple heating so you can reheat the s5 urine multiple times.

Does s5 synthetic urine expire?

Once you open the s5 Synthetic urine, you should use it within 24 hours; otherwise, it will go bad. On the S5 urine kit, you will see the expiry date of s5urine.


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