We all men stand up and pee, standing up to pee is often associated with men. Its fun to standing up to pee. Have you ever considered sitting down for pee? There are several health benefits of peeing sitting down for men. So today i am going to share the complete details on why all men should pee sitting down.

Should a man sit down to pee?

The research is done in 2007 mentioned that 42 per cent of a married man sat down to pee. In 2021, i can guarantee that these numbers are increased. Most men love to aim while they pee, other than aiming i don’t see any special benefit of standing up to pee. When you are drunk, you have to force yourself to aim your pee. To avoid the mess on the toilet seat, you have to ensure that your pee falls on the toilet commode and not on the floor. Here is the list of the 5 Most common urination mistakes that people do.

man urinating
Sitting down to pee eliminate all the cleaning hassle. When you sit down to pee, you don’t need to clean up the floor because your urine falls in the right place. You can pee faster when you are standing up to pee than the sitting down to pee. But when you sit down to pee, you feel more relaxed.
Dr. mills said that sitting down to pee is good for those people who can’t stand up for a long time. It is also suitable for people with a prostate problem to sit down for pee.
Sometime when our bladder is full of urine, sitting down to pee, can empty the bladder faster than standing up. If you always feel that there is little urine left that you think to get out of your body, sitting down to pee is the best option. Sitting down to pee can fully evacuate the bladder. There is nothing to worry about when you empties your bladder. It is only important that you empty your bladder. Whether you are standing or sitting emptying the bladder is important. Some men also hold the fart while peeing, which engages extra pee stiffing muscle, so they can’t completely empty the bladder. So they need to go to the toilet again for urination which causes the problem of frequent urination.
The countries like Japan and Sweden are encouraging the citizen to sit while peeing. Sitting to pee can make less noise than the stand and pee. You and your family will get peaceful sleep because you are silently using the bathroom without causing any disturbance. We also advise people to pee after sex because it can help in preventing urinary tract infection.

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