Synthetic Urine – Overnight Shipping for Urgent Needs

If you are looking for synthetic urine brands that offer overnight shipping, this post helps you get the list of fake pee brands that offer overnight shipping.

Synthetic urine has all the characteristics of human urine, and if it is used correctly, it can help you pass the urine test. If you smoked in the past and are worried about those toxins traces will show up on the urine test, then you need to remove those toxins from urine before appearing for the test. It will take a lot of time to naturally detox your body from the weed, so in that case, people use synthetic urine to pass the urine drug test.

Synthetic urine is artificial urine made in a lab and has all the characteristics of real human urine. Synthetic urine is toxin-free clean urine with the correct pH, color, odor, creatinine, urea and uric acid.

Synthetic urine is a great replacement for human urine for drug tests. Some fake urine brands don’t offer overnight shipping, so it may happen when you order the urine. You will get it after the drug test happen.

Synthetic urine brands that offer overnight shipping are good When you have an upcoming drug test on short notice. If you have an upcoming drug test and don’t have synthetic urine, synthetic urine brands that offer overnight delivery are a great choice.

Synthetic urine with overnight shipping is a good option when you have less time for preparation.

Synthetic urine with overnight shipping.

1> Testclear:

Testclear powdered urine is one of the best synthetic urine that offers overnight shipping. Testclear urine has correct pH, gravity, urea and uric acid. TestClear urine kit contains all the items that will help you to beat the urine test. The Testclear uses UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping services that 1,2,3 day and ground delivery to deliver your package quickly. TestClear understands the customer’s needs, so they tried to ship your package with little to no delay.

powdered urine kit

You should place your order before 7 PM (EST) to get the benefit of overnight shipping. If you place your order after 7 PM, try contacting their customer support about your urgency.

Please note that they don’t ship products on Saturday and sunday. So you need to wait till Monday to get your product shipped.

2>Clear choice Quickluck:

Clear choice quick luck synthetic urine also offers overnight shipping when you order it from Clear choice quick luck is premix synthetic urine that people use to pass the lab test. It constitutes the same ingredients that are present in real urine and has the correct pH and gravity.

Clear choice Quick luck

Test negative support all the major shipping services, including FedEx, ups, and USPS. Test negative does not ship products on weekends, so you need to place an order on weekdays to avail the overnight shipping benefits. You must place your order before 7 PM EST for FedEx and Before 3.10 PM EST For USPS. Most of the time, they ship your product same day. In case of urgency, try to contact their customer support.

Sometimes USPS is slow with the delivery, so you should use FedEx shipping. Testneagtive offer free shipping for all orders above 135$

A signature is required at the time of delivery if you choose overnight shipping.



Quickfix is another great premix synthetic urine that supports overnight shipping. It has pH, urea, uric acid, ammonia and all other ingredients in real human urine.

Quick Fix 6.3 Plus

Quickfix urine offers overnight shipping, but you must place your order before 6 PM (EST). They ship products on the same day if you place your order on weekdays (MON- FRI). If you place your order on Saturday and sunday, you have to wait till Monday for your order to ship.

Please note that all overnight shipping orders will require a signature for receiving the order. They will not put your packet on your doorstep if you select the overnight shipping option.

All orders above 60 USD require your signature.

Tips for overnight shipping.

  • Not all delivery services offer overnight shipping. Only USPS (post office) and UPS(united parcel service) offer overnight shipping. So when you order synthetic urine, check its delivery services.
  • Just because the brand offers overnight shipping, do not buy them. Check the quality of the synthetic urine that you are purchasing. The synthetic urine should have the correct pH, creatinine level, urea, uric acid and other essential ingredients present in real urine.
  • Try to place the order before 7 PM Eastern Time to avail the benefit of overnight shipping.
  • Avoid placing an order on shipping holidays and weekends.
  • Contact customer service and tell them about your urgency.


Synthetic urine with overnight shipping is a great option for anyone with less time for preparation. You will receive the synthetic urine bottle the next day to use for the test.


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