The Urinator Urine Testing Device With Sensor Rod and Port Vinyl IV Bag

The Urinator urine testing device that you can use to pass the test. It has best in class temperature control system. Read the full review here.

Let’s face it – using drugs for recreation or even medicinal purposes has become normal these days. However, some companies still have policies like drug testing at regular intervals or sometimes even randomly to ensure that their employees refrain from drugs.

Now, if the test happens after you’ve detoxified yourself (if that even works), it’s fine. However, if the drug test is due just after the weekends or the holidays, that’s real trouble. The bottom line is you cannot fail this test, and you know you would with your own sample. So, what are your options?

Well, a full-proof option here is synthetic urine. We understand that sounds gross, but using a gross substance to get through your drug test is better than putting your job and future at risk.

However, not every synthetic urine is excellent, and laboratories can easily identify bad synthetic urines. So, you need to get the best brand of synthetic urine out there.

Now, one we can speak for is the Urinator. It’s not just synthetic urine, but a complete kit of synthetic urine and a urine passing device. Let us explore more within this Urinator Review.


I failed my first drug test because I could not maintain the synthetic urine temperature. After doing research, I get to know about the urinator device. The urinator kit is reusable, and you can use it multiple times. I used it multiple times to pass a drug test. The urinator kit is the best kit to pass the drug test.

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The Urinator Review

The Urinator is not simply synthetic urine like the other brands. Instead, it’s a device to prepare, maintain, and pass synthetic urine as you have actually peed in the cup. So, you can use the device even with other brands of synthetic urine.

This Urinator review will cover everything that you need to know, right from what exactly Urinator is to how it’s going to help you with your drug tests. So, keep on reading further!

What is The Urinator Exactly?

Unlike most synthetic urine kits that come with synthetic urine powder or premixed synthetic urine solution and heating pads to keep the urine warm, the Urinator is an end-to-end device that allows you to use synthetic urine like real pee. If you failed a drug test because of urine temperature outside the correct temperature range, you should try the urinator kit for a drug test.

It’s basically a vinyl IV bag with electrical batteries to maintain the urine temperature. So, you need to fill the Urinator bag with the synthetic urine solution, and then the batteries attached to the bag will help maintain the temperature. Additionally, the bag comes with a tube or device attachment that looks exactly like human genitalia. So, when attached right, you can use it to pass the synthetic urine directly into the cup.

Now, the question is, how is this device going to help? Well, the fact is that it will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

First of all, the two 9V batteries in the Urinator device will help maintain the urine temperature correctly. So, it will be impossible for the laboratories to identify that it’s fake urine as the most identifiable way is the temperature, and you’ve taken care to manage the same.

Secondly, the device attachments that allow you to pass the urine directly come in handy if your drug test is observed or if your movements during the drug test are being tracked. Since you will be passing the synthetic urine directly into the cup with the attachments, no one will be able to judge that you have passed on fake urine as a sample.

What’s in The Urinator Synthetic Urine Kit?

Now that you have understood what the Urinator exactly is, you must be clear about the fact that it’s not merely synthetic urine, and the entire kit contains a lot more things.

Urinator Urine Testing Device Kit components:

Here’s a quick look at everything contained in the Urinator Synthetic Urine kit-

  1. A Port vinyl IV bag to fill the synthetic urine sample and maintain the temperature.
  2. Two 9V batteries to be attached to the vinyl IV 4 bag for maintaining the temperature of the synthetic urine.
  3. A syringe to fill the bag with the prepared synthetic urine sample.
  4. 3 vials of powdered synthetic urine to be prepared for the urine sample. (Given that there are 3 vials, one kit comes in handy for use for three drug tests.)
  5. Temperature indicator attached to the vinyl IV bag.

So, as you can see, the Urinator synthetic urine kit is a complete solution with every single thing that you will need to prepare the samples, fill them in the bag, and finally, give it for the test at the right temperature to ensure that no suspicions are raised. The Test clear powdered urine kit and quick fix synthetic urine kit are currently the best real urine simulation that you can use for the test.


How to Use The Urinator Synthetic Urine Kit?

When you’re using synthetic urine for your drug test, you need to be very careful with it to avoid any suspicions. It’s essential to get the synthetic urine and its use right; else, the laboratories might identify a fake urine sample. So, knowing the correct way of using the synthetic urine kit becomes imperative.

Now, you may think that it’s no big deal. However, it can get a bit tricky to use synthetic urine, especially when you have powdered synthetic urine like the Urinator.

The thing with powdered synthetic urine is that it’s not readily usable at all. With premixed solutions, you only need to heat them to the right body temperature. But when it comes to powdered synthetic urine kits, you even need to prepare the sample before starting to maintain its temperature. Now, while Urinator keeps it all easy and hassle-free, it’s still essential to know the correct procedure for using the kit.

Well, the good news is that you can find this correct procedure within the instructions guide with the kit. Alternatively, you can find the steps on the internet too. Now, since you’re here, let us help you out within this article itself by presenting you with a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to use the Urinator Synthetic Urine Kit.


Prepare the Urine Solution with the Powdered Synthetic Urine Samples

As already mentioned, the Urinator kit comes with three vials of powdered synthetic urine. So, you need to prepare the urine solution with this powdered sample. Just warm 3 oz of water and mix the powdered synthetic urine in this warm water.

Be sure to mix the sample well. Keep stirring and mixing until everything dissolves and there are no grains left.

Transfer the Prepared Sample to the Vinyl IV Bag

Once you have prepared the sample, simply gather it in the syringe and transfer it to the vinyl IV bag that comes with the kit. Once you’re done transferring the solution, simply secure the bag with a cap after removing any excess air that may have occupied the bag during the sample transfer.

Attach the two 9 volt Batteries to Maintain the Temperature

Once the synthetic urine is in the bag, it’s time to take it to the right temperature and maintain the temperature once it has reached its ideal. Simply attach both the 9V batteries that come with the synthetic urine kit to the bag and let the batteries do their work. You can check the temperature on the temperature strip that is attached to the bag.

Once the solution has reached the ideal body temperature, the batteries will just work on maintaining the temperature within that range. Here is the detail guide on how to keep pee warm for the drug test.

Provide the Sample for Testing

Your work is pretty much done when you’ve achieved the right temperature. All that’s required now is to give away the sample for testing. Check the temperature again, be confident that it’s maintained and go ahead to give the sample without any hesitation.

That’s all. When you follow this process, you can be assured of passing urine drug test without any difficulty. The only trick here is getting the sample right, and while it might sound difficult in theory, once you know preparing the samples, everything becomes easy and smooth like a breeze.

Does The Urinator Really Work?

Well, your job is on the line. So, we understand the skepticisms that you may have regarding the Urinator working or otherwise. However, we can vouch for the fact that the Urinator will definitely work. This is also evident from the multiple reviews and testimonials from the users on their website.

With the advanced technology that takes care of everything, the Urinator has almost a 100% success rate.

Where Can I Buy The Urinator Synthetic Urine Kit?

Well, it’s effortless to get a hold of the Urinator synthetic urine kit. It’s available on multiple websites such as Amazon, etc. So, you can buy it from these sites.

However, in our opinion, the best place to purchase your kit would be the official website, as that way, you’re saved from even the slightest risk of getting scammed by a fake product.

You can place your order online on The Urinator’s official website or even call them to place an order.

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The Urinator Kit – LOWEST PRICE HERE

Final Words

So, that’s all about The Urinator. Now, while the device seems gross and it’s extremely costly, coming at the price of around $160 for a kit, it does work and is worth the money you’re paying. The fact that it’s reusable and all you’ll need later are the synthetic urine solutions also makes this device more worthwhile.

With the Urinator, you can pass your drug tests without getting suspected at all. We hope this review was helpful, and you’re all set to try it out for your next drug test so that you don’t have to dread another drug test ever again.


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