List Of Trucking Companies That Do Only Urine Test 2023

A trucking job is super-exciting and fun because you can travel around and explore new areas each day as you head out to work. You interact with a lot of people, and you even befriend some. In a good and sometimes more than expected salary package, you get to experience maximum independence and freedom. All that you need to be sure of is delivering the parcels on time and driving by keeping in mind the appropriate speed limit.

Having known the advantages and thrill of being an employee in a trucking company, it is also necessary to know that most of these companies nowadays have a pre-employment drug test for the person they will recruit. Along with other factors and much-needed skills, it is also crucial to pass the drug test and get a clean report to be a part of the company.

As you already know, there are various ways to test for drug consumption for a person, yet most people prefer to have a urine drug test. A urine drug test is the most accessible and most convenient way to go through the formality of the drug test, and so most people look for a company that hires employees based on a urine drug test. Let’s have a look at some of them.

trucking companies that do only urine test

Trucking Companies that do Only Urine Test

In order to secure a permanent position in a trucking company and get a nicely paid job, you must come out clean after a drug test.

Different trucking companies have other ways to check for the presence of drugs in your body. While some prefer the saliva drug test, some go for the hair follicle drug test, and the rest still rely on the urine drug test. Here is the List of Trucking Companies That Do Hair Follicle Test.

As a person searching for a job, it is painless for you to clear a urine drug test, for there are ways to cheat on it, and you can even send fake pee for the test. Evidently, this is why you are willing to know of the trucking companies that do an only urine test.
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If so, you are in the right place. Below are some US-based trucking companies that do only drug tests. Make sure to apply for the job in these companies if you want to save yourself from the trouble and botheration.

USA- Truck
•Western Express
•Watkins Shepard
•TransWood Carriers
Stevens Transport
•Southern Refrigerated Transport
•R.E. Garrison
•R+L Carriers
•P & S Transportations
•Old Dominion Freight Line
•Oak Harbor Freight Line
•Millis Transport
•May Company
•Martin Transportations System
•Jim Palmer
•Falcon Transport


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Why Only the Urine Drug Test?

If you are getting recruited as an employee in any trucking company, you have all the rights to deny them for the hair follicle drug test. It is for this reason that the hair follicle drug test hinders your privacy by taking a part of your body that includes your DNA pigment. As a result, most people try to go for the trucking companies that do not bound the to-be employees of their organization to have a hair follicle drug test done.

Being a person looking for a job, you can ask the trucking company to take a urine-based pre-employment drug test and its report as proof that you have not been on drugs recently or that you do not consume drugs at all. If a company fails to do so, it is better advised that you do not set hopes of being employed at that trucking company and start your job search again, this time for a company that allows urine-based drug tests.

Is the Urine Drug Test Acceptable?

The Urine Drug Test is the most commonly used drug test method. Most companies rely on the urine drug test method to rely on the authenticity of their employee. There are two reasons that 90 percent of people consider a urine drug test as the safest option for getting a drug test done. Firstly, the urine drug test maintains your complete privacy. It has no relation to your DNA, unlike the hair follicle test.

Secondly, the urine drug test can help you if you’ve recently been on drugs. For instance, you can send a fake pee sample for the test. If not so, you can use someone else’s urine and get a favorable drug test report instantly. As a result, you won’t lose your job and be saved from much mess. Therefore, the urine drug test is a widely accepted method of checking for drugs.

Knowing that multiple trucking companies offer a job based on urine drug tests, you can set apart those that suit your needs and preferences. Accordingly, you can apply for the job and enjoy freedom and fun. Also, these trucking companies provide a handsome salary amount for the job that they ask you to do.

Moreover, it is advised that you do not consume drugs a few days before the drug test has to be done. This would ensure that you get a clean and clear drug test report and a good image as well.

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