The Complete Details On Urinalysis Drug Test

Urinalysis, as the name suggests, is the test of your urine. It is generally used to manage and detect disorders like UTI (urinary tract infections), diabetes, and kidney disease. Moreover, it involves checking urine’s concentration, appearance, and content. If the urinalysis comes out to be abnormal, it shows you might have some illness or disease. Additionally, UTI can make your urine cloudy in looks rather than clear. If there is an increased protein level in your urine, it will be a sign of disease of the kidney.

what is urinalysis

Reasons for Urinalysis 

Normal Urinalysis results need more testing in order to uncover the exact source of the problem.

Urine test is most common in a random drug test. You should be aware of the facts and laws of random drug tests.
Most companies conduct drug tests for the safety of the workplace. If you have taken drugs in the past, you should know how long do drug stays in your body.

Here are some reasons for Urinalysis Drug test:


  • To check your health

Your doctor recommends urinalysis for routine exams, pregnancy checkups, or screening for the hospital admission. This hospital admission screening is for a variety of disorders or illnesses like diabetes and liver or kidney disease.

  • To diagnose a medical condition

Your doctor would suggest a urinalysis if you are facing any abdominal pain, painful urination, blood in urine, or any such conditions. Moreover, for the detection of any urinary problems, urinalysis is effective and highly suggested. Additionally, any of such alarming symptoms can be diagnosed by urinalysis. 


  • To monitor the medical condition

If your diagnosis shows any medical condition like urinary tract disease or kidney disease in this scenario, your doctor will recommend urinalysis. In tests like a pregnancy test and drug screening, it is highly reliable on the urine sample. However, the substance cannot be found in the urinalysis.

Drugs that can be detected in urine test

Any urine screening or test can detect drugs like alcohol, barbiturates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, and PCP. A urine test can easily detect alcohol presence in a person’s body.  Moreover, if any person is a suspect of alcohol consumption, he is more likely to request or ask for a breath or blood test. Urine screening is also helpful in detecting nicotine and cotinine. 


These following factors detect detection of any drug in any person’s body: 

  •  How long the person took the substance or drug
  • Acidity of urine
  • Level of hydration
  • Body mass

How to be prepared for a urine test

A urine test requires a little preparation, which requires just to urinate in a plastic container. Moreover, you need to understand that certain supplements and medicines can cause a false alarm and indicate the illegal use of drugs. A person should always inform the test provider if you have taken any of these:

  • Herbal remedies
  • Supplements
  • OTC medicines
  • Prescription medications

A medical professional will carry drug screening equipment by asking the person to do the following: 

  • Remove any excess clothes or items.
  • Clean hands with gel which is antibacterial or any soap and water
  • You need to clean the genital area with the help of wipes that the technician provides.

We often see people using powdered urine for drug test. It is upto you to use it or not.


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