Urine Color : What color urine is dangerous?

Urine tells a lot about personal health, but only a few people think about the urine color until they see something unusual about the urine’s color and smell. The normal color of human pee is pale yellow, but some time due to some health conditions, urine color changes.

Most of the time urine color is related to the hydration status of the body. So when you are hydrated, the color of the urine is clear or pale yellow. But when you are dehydrated the color of urine changes to brown, dark yellow. The urine consists of water, waste and salt, so the food we eat affects the urine color. Medication can also affect urine color. Sometimes urine color indicates the status of your overall health.

Is Your Urine Color Warning You?

Lets talked about the health concern associated with the color of the urine.

urine color
1>Clear urine:
There is no need to worry about clear urine. It indicates that your body is hydrated enough. Sometimes excess water can lead to the intoxication and can dilute the electrolyte.
2>Yellowish or amber color:
The color of urine is in the range of yellow to amber, when you increase the water intake then the color of urine gets diluted.
3> Red urine:
Some food like beets, blackberry, and rhubarb can turn the urine color to red or pink. Sometimes due to some health issues can turn urine color to red. The urinary tract infection in the urinary system can cause blood in the urine. Kidney and bladder cancer, kidney stones can change the color of the urine to the red. The red color is due to blood in the urine. Medication that used to treat tuberculosis and constipation can cause red urine.
4>Orange urine:
Dehydration can cause orange color urine. Orange color urine can cause due to the problem in the liver. Anti-inflammatory and chemotherapy drugs can also change the color of the urine to the orange.
5>Blue or green urine :
The food color you used in cooking food can change the urine color to blue or green. Dyes that used in the medical test can cause green or blue color urine. Green urine can cause due to the bacteria in the bladder.
6>Dark or brown urine :
Dark brown urine is due to the less water intake in your body. Dark or brown urine is mainly due to Dehydration. Urinary tract infection can cause dark or brown urine. Kidney problem can cause dark color urine. Drugs that are used to treat malaria, laxatives and antibiotics can darken the urine. Foods like aloe, rhubarb and beans can darken the urine
7> Cloudy urine :
Medical conditions or health issues can cause cloudy urine. Cloudy urine can be due to kidney stones and kidney infection. Cloudy urine can be due to the urinary tract infection. Cloudy urine with bubble or foam indicates some serious health problems. You need to consult with the doctor when you have a bubble or foam in your urine.

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