Learning about forensic procedures and lab customs can be a little scary for the first timers but if you change your view you’ll find all of it amusing. Just like blood tests, urine tests are also widely conducted. The advantage which comes with urine tests is that they are painless unlike blood tests there is no use of a syringe to extract samples. No pain all gain here.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Question about Urine testing with answers-

Q1> What is the volume of the sample which has to be submitted for the test?

For every urine related testing the default, volume is 30mls. Until and unless the testing lab has any other criteria set.

Q2> Is a morning urine sample necessary?

Our morning sample is considered best for testing as we collect it after we wake up after hours of sleep, in this whole time the process of urine formation does not stop. And when we sleep we do not consume any food item. Hence, it is not necessary any sample can be given but the morning sample will give more accurate results.

Q3> What kind of container should be used for the collection of samples?

Generally, the lab which has to test the sample provides a sterilized, airtight cup for the collection of the urine sample. If available such a container is the first choice for sample collection. If not then any container which is sterilized, airtight, and acceptable by the concerned lab can be used. Plus, it should be having enough space for a 30ml volume.

Q4> What to eat before Urine testing?

Nothing should be consumed for 4 to 5 hours before the sample collection. Fluids must be taken to stay hydrated, this will also help you to make more urine which is good for the test.

Q5> What is the correct way to collect the urine sample?

Some labs advise collecting the initial discharge then pass some and collect the final discharge. If not recommended you can collect as per your comfort. You can even use a funnel if needed but collecting urine in a different container and then transferring it to the provided container should not be done.

Q6>How many drugs can be identified with the same urine sample?

It depends on what you are checked for. But a variety of over 38 classes of drugs can be detected with the same sample.

Q7> What are the precautions for doing a pregnancy test by urine?

Every pregnancy detection kit comes with direction but you are doing it at home so the sterilized cups can not be available. If you are not peeing on a stick and collecting it and testing, make sure you are using a clean cup and avoiding spillage.

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