Urine facials: Is putting urine on your face good?

There is a lot of debate about urine therapy, i was not fully aware of the topic of urine therapy. I know it is a little gross topic to talk about, but my blog is about urine research, so i got many questions regarding urine therapy. I know that many peoples use urine for health and skin treatment. I used to think about urine drinking and applying urine to the skin. So i decided to talk with the person that using urine therapy. So in this post, i will talk about urine therapy for the skin.
The person that i talked about urine therapy told me that his family using urine therapy for decades. His grandmother still use urine on her face. She still looks younger than other older adults. She even told her daughters to do the same. I did many searches regarding urine therapy, but no proven evidence suggests the benefits of urine for the skin. Many people in Asian counties drink human and cow urine. Urine therapy is also mentioned in Ayurveda urine therapy.

urine therapy for skin problems
We all suffer from several skin-related problems such as acne, wrinkles. People who did urine therapy told me that they are getting good benefits from it. There are not many people who openly talked about urine therapy, so there is very little information available.
People who use urine therapy use fresh morning urine for the therapy. They apply the fresh urine to the face and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Then they wash the face with water. Some people also apply urine to the skin twice a day. The idea behind urine therapy is that the acid in the urine removes the dead layers of skin.
They told me that their majority of skin problems are now solved. They have little to no acne and wrinkles. They said to me that urine therapy is better than expensive skincare products. The urine consists of 95% of water, so you are using water to cure your skin related problems. There are many benefits of urine therapy that you can find on the internet.
I will not undergo urine therapy. There are multiple reasons behind that.
There is very little information about urine therapy, plus there is no evidence that shows the urine therapy for skin works.
The urine can contain bacteria that might good for our skin. I am not comfortable applying urine to the skin.

So i don’t recommend urine therapy as of now. I probably change my mind if there is scientific evidence and research-backed urine therapy. If you want to try urine therapy, then you can give it a try. Make sure you try the therapy by taking a little amount of urine for the test. If you see any benefits, then try applying urine to the whole skin.

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