Urine The Clear Review: Is This Clear Urine Product Right for You?

While synthetic urine is a popular choice for people that need to pass drug tests, there’s also another option: Urine The Clear. When you work with Urine The Clear, you’ll be provided with real human urine provided by a paid donor. The urine will be tested ahead of time to ensure that it’s clean.

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How Urine The Clear Works

When you order from UrineTheClear, you’ll be sent a powdered urine sample that is made from real human urine. Once you receive the sample, you’ll need to mix the powder with a pouch of sterile water, which is included. After the urine has been complete mixed, it will need to be heated so that it reaches body temperature, which is between 90 and 100 degrees.

Frozen urine samples are also available. If you choose to order one of these samples, you’ll be able to skip the mixing step, but you’ll still need to thaw and heat your urine. Since the sample will be frozen, the heating process will take longer.

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When the pouch has been fully heated, you can strap it to your clothing using an elasticated belt. As long as the pouch is properly placed and secured, no one should be able to detect it when you’re walking around. When you take your test, you’ll just need to open the pouch and transfer its contents into the sample cup.

What Comes With a Urine The Clear Kit?

There are three different kits available from Urine The Clear: the Frozen Urine Kit, the Single Use Dehydrated Urine Kit, and the Dehydrated Urine Kit. All three of these kits include:

* A heating element
* An elastic belt
* Temperature strips

Dehydrated urine kits will also include syringes that will make it easy to add the dehydrated urine into the water pouch so that it can be mixed. A single-use kit includes 2 fluid ounces of water, while a standard kit includes 4 fluid ounces.

Who Is Urine The Clear For?

Urine The Clear is made exclusively using male urine, which means that women that are looking for clean urine samples may want to consider other options. It’s possible for a woman to pass a drug test when using a male sample, but this is something that could cause the sample to be flagged.

Beyond that, this product is for people that are interested in purchasing a kit that will provide them with everything that they need to pass a urine drug test in 2024. People that already have supplies like a strap and a heater may prefer cheaper options.

Will Urine The Clear Help You Pass Drug Tests?

Because this product is made from clean, pre-tested urine from real humans, it can be a very effective way to pass a drug test. However, you’ll need to follow instructions closely and take certain precautions when using this product. If you make a mistake, your sample could stand out.

It’s crucial that the urine is at the correct temperature at the time you provide the sample. Your kit will include testing strips that will allow you to check the temperature before you enter the testing area. You may need to re-heat the urine sample ahead of the test.

When you’re transferring the contents of the pouch to the sample cup, you should make sure you don’t use all of it. A mixed pouch will contain precisely two ounces of urine. If your sample is that size exactly, it could raise red flags.

Is Urine The Clear Worth The Price?

Let’s find out it is worth your money or not in this urine the clear review. This kit is more expensive than many similar products on the market, which may leave you wondering if the kit is actually worth paying for. It’s important to consider what you’ll be getting when you invest in a kit. Since it will provide you with all necessary supplies, you won’t have to buy any additional products in order to use the piss you’ve purchased. Furthermore, since you’ll be using real urine, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your sample.

If you need accessories like a heater or a strap, buying a kit from Urine The Clear could actually be a cheaper option for you. However, if you’ve purchased a synthetic urine kit in the past, and you already have some of these items, you may be better off buying synthetic urine that’s not being sold as part as a kit.

If you’re put off by the cost, it’s important to remember that cutting corners could cause you to fail a drug test. Don’t take a chance on a product that might not work. It’s smarter to pay more for a reliable product like this one.

Is Real Urine Better Than Synthetic Urine?

In this Urine The Clear review, we talked about whether Urinetheclear is better than synthetic pee or not. The best synthetic pee on the market is able to convincingly mimic real human pee. However, not all products measure up to these standards. Not only do these products need to contain ingredients like creatinine and uric acid, but they need to have the appropriate temperature and pH levels as well.

If you’re hesitant to take a chance on a synthetic piss product, you may prefer using Urine The Clear. Since it’s made from actual urine, it’s the correct color and pH level. It will allow you to provide an authentic pee sample when you take a drug test, even though the urine you’re using won’t be your own.

Urine The Clear stands out from other products on the market by providing people with real, clean urine samples. Since both frozen and dehydrated urine is available, buyers can find the solution that’s right for their needs. The provided kit will give you all the tools that you need to pass a drug test.

Although these kits offer numerous advantages, there are also some clear drawbacks. Since only men’s pee is used for the samples, there’s a significant chance that women won’t be able to use this product to pass drug tests. For men that need a clean urine sample and the right accessories, however, this is one of the best options on the market today. I hope you like our Urine The Clear review.

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