Does the USA Trucking drug test 2024?

Does the USA Trucking drug test? Let’s find out in this post. USA Trucking is a performance-driven transport company. It has over 1900 trucks, making USA Trucking a successful transport company. Truck drivers in USA Trucking make about 60k to 80K USD yearly with many benefits. But you must face a drug test to get a job in the USA trucking. Let’s look at the USA Trucking drug test policy.

USA Trucking drug test policy.

The truck drivers need to pass the pre-employment and post-employment drug tests. If you are s looking to get a job in USA Trucking as a truck driver, then you need to pass the pre-employment drug test. To work in the USA Trucking, the applicant must have a negative drug test result. Every trucking company should follow the FMSA and DOT drug testing guidelines. USA Trucking has the right to conduct random drug tests several times a year to ensure that its employees are clean and do not work under the influence of drugs. Drug and alcohol tests are also conducted after an accident that involves human fatality and serious injury.

USA Trucking drug test policy

What kind of drug test does USA Trucking do?

The USA Trucking conducts a urine analysis drug test to check the presence of an illicit substance in employee urine. USA Trucking has the right to decide what drug test it should conduct. The urine test checks for several street drugs and alcohol traces in a person’s urine.

Does USA Trucking do hair follicle testing?

In most cases, the urine test is used for the drug test. In the urine test, the employee should submit urine for analysis.

USA Trucking urine test preparation.

If you want a job in USA trucking, you must have a negative urine test result. If you are a smoker, you should remove those toxins traces from your body before appearing for the test. You must quit smoking and alcohol to have a career in USA Trucking. You will get tested several times, so it is better to stay clean to avoid a positive drug test result.
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