Does Variant Trucking Drug Test 2024

Does variant trucking drug test? Let’s find out in this post. But first, we talked about the variant drug test policy and what drug tests they conduct.

Launched in 2019 with only five trucks, the Variant trucking company achieved tremendous growth over the past three years. As of now, they have 1691 trucks. They achieved this kind of tremendous success due to their skilled truck driver. The skilled truck driver is the backbone of Variant trucking.

In Variant trucking, every truck has Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) that truck drivers can use to Turn on AC or turn on the heater. The truck cabin also has a mini fridge and microwave, so the driver can use those to keep their food and water.

Variant trucking offers lucrative job opportunities to the truck driver. But to get a job in Variant trucking, the interested candidate must pass the drug test. Also, the truck drivers in Variant trucking must pass the drug test conducted by the employer to ensure that they are clean from drugs and can drive safely on the road.

In the next section of the post, we talked about the Variant trucking drug test policy.

Variant trucking drug test policy

As per the 1991 Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act, dot agencies should implement drug tests to check whether the truck driver is under the influence of drugs or not. The drug test is conducted to check the presence of alcohol and drugs in the truck driver’s body. The drug test detects cocaine, weed, or any illicit substance in the trucker driver’s body. 

Variant trucking drug test policy

The drug test ensures that the truck driver is clean and has no traces of alcohol and drug in their body.

Variant trucking use hair and urine drug tests to prevent substance abuse. If you want a job in Variant trucking, you must prepare for the hair and urine test. Here is the List of the companies that conduct the hair follicle test.

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Variant trucking hair and urine test preparation.

To pass the hair and urine test, you must avoid taking illicit substances and alcohol. In addition, you must stay clean for the hair and urine drug test. If you took any drugs in the past, you must eliminate those toxins from your hair, urine, and body.

The truck driver widely uses the Old style aloe toxin rid to remove the drug toxins particle from your hair. Use Old style aloe rid shampoo several times before the drug test can help you to pass the Variant trucking hair test. Please refer to this guide on how to beat hair follicle drug tests for truck drivers.

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 To pass the urine test, you should drink lots of water and follow a high-fiber diet. In addition, some people use synthetic urine, like powdered urine, to pass the Variant trucking urine test.  Here is the List of best synthetic urine for truck drivers.

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