What are the consequences of failing a drug test?

Drug tests are given in a range of scenarios for a multitude of circumstances and the only results fail or a pass. You might even be asking what follows if you fail, whether you’ll know if you really do, and whether there are any legal ramifications for failure. Buy real human urine in case you don’t want to fail in a drug test.
Why let a Drug Test Scare You?
The results are contingent on why you’ve been examined in the first instance, the laws of the state or region you are now, and the leniency of all those concerned. The below are some of the most likely causes for performing a drug screen:

  • Pre-employment
  • At the workplace
  • For the purpose of probation

What are the consequences of failing a drug test?

Pre-Employment Drug Tests:

Pre-employment substance screenings are frequent, and several individuals have questions concerning both the purpose for screening and also the testing procedure itself. If someone fails a pre-employment drug test, you will have a very slim probability of gaining the position. Corporations only invest money on drug screening if the findings are important to them.If you’re seeking employment in a specialist industry with difficult-to-fill openings, still there is a chance you’ll obtain the job. In general, though, failing a pre-employment drug test implies you won’t be able to get the job.If you are serious about the job, you should contact the firm and request a retake of the examination.

Pre-Employment Drug Tests policy

If you clear the drug screen, it’ll be likely to not be contacted by the firm, however, if you flunk, you may expect a visit from a Mental Health Review Officer (MRO). The MRO may interact with you personally or via the firm that arranged for the testing. Their role is to figure out if you didn’t pass due to a legitimate health cause.At the time of, the test you might have been using medicinal cannabis or using prescribed drugs for an accident or illness. You’ll fail the test even if you don’t reply to the MRO. They will find out if you lie since they have accessibility to the medical reports and know what was in your body at the time you took the drug screening.
Passing a Test has never been this Easy.
There seems to be no open record of drug tests that potential employers or others can view. However, if you’re using the firm whose drug screen you failed as a recommendation for another employment, they may disclose it, or they could maintain a record in case if you apply for this position there again in the coming years. Since a probable employer has no legal basis in relation to your findings, your screening will not be submitted to the official authorities. However, there would be legal consequences if someone fails a probation doping test, but not if it comes to pre-employment drug testing.

On-work Drug Tests:

Let’s imagine you clear a pre-employment drug screen and are subsequently offered the position. One of 2 things could happen. Either that the drug screen is complete and we won’t be required to do that anymore or you serve in an industry that does randomized or monthly drug checks. You could be referred to a laboratory or tested on-site. You may even be required to visit the laboratory with a supervisor to ensure that you will not be able to cheat upon screening.

If an organization is likely to invest time and resources testing its personnel, it is clear that they really are concerned about the outcome. They would just not be bothered about the tests if they didn’t have to. If you fail the drug screen, you will most likely lose your employment.

However, if this would have occurred, there may be a few options available to you in order to maintain your position provided you are a trustworthy staff member:

Inform them you aren’t a habitual user and request if you can retake the test at a later time. This, in fact, implies that the medications must be completely removed from your body by that time. Inform them that you are willing to pursue substance addiction treatment. If you’d like to figure out what you need to do to retain your job after failing a drug screen have an open and honest conversation with your HR supervisor or manager.

They are humans, too, and you just never know if they’ll be supportive if they wouldn’t want to lose you. Instead of ending an employee’s contract, more and more firms are providing them a second opportunity to pass a drug screen. Every justification for failing a drug screen has been heard by HR. While it’s unlikely that you ate a consumable at a gathering or were exposed to second-hand smoke all weekend, the corporation understands as well as you seem to do that this is not a realistic scenario.

Since the policies are not quite the same pre-employment drug screens and on-the-job drug screens vary in this aspect. Unless you are working for the Department of Transportation, only the company that paid for the drug test will receive the results.


A probation drug screening result has significantly more weight than a job drug screening result. The consequences could be severe based on how liberal your probation investigator is, your state’s regulations, and the offense that got you under probation in the very first instance. Since we cannot provide legal advice but instead recommend that you seek legal representation, we can provide some basic facts on not passing a probation drug screen.

The risks are enormous because if you fail this drug screen, you could be sentenced to prison. This isn’t to say that incarceration is a predetermined outcome, but really there is a probability in this situation. A lenient judge may merely issue a warning or the first offense, but they may also sentence you to additional probation, therapy or rehabilitation, penalties, or community work.

A harsh judge, on the other side, may send you to prison or even withdraw your probation, forcing you to spend the rest of your term in prison. It’s also possible to be prosecuted with another felony. Because failed drug samples are recorded on your criminal background, if you fail a drug screen again, the judge may know.



While failing a drug screen can be frightening, it is important to understand what will follow if this occurs. If you suspect you’ll be subjected to a drug screening, you must prepare in advance as much as possible. It should go without stating that the easiest approach to avoid failing a drug screen is to avoid using substances in the first hand.


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