What does ketones in urine mean?

Normally our body burns glucose or sugar for energy, but sometimes, when our body doesn’t get enough glucose, it burns fat. This burned fat produces ketones acid. This acid is shown up in our body and the urine. This Ketone level needs to be monitored. The high ketone level shows that the person has diabetes, sometimes this high level of ketones can lead to coma or death. People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes must monitor their ketone level. It is more common in a type 1 diabetes person. A ketone urine test detects the ketones present in the urine. The doctor may ask you to give the urine sample for the urine test. Ketones show that the person is not getting enough insulin that the body needs. Hence for such patients, doctor recomend to take insulin injection.

ketones in urine

What does ketones in urine mean?

Doctor recomend ketones test to the People who have a high risk of developing ketones. The ketones urine test tells you whether you have high blood sugar or not. You are in an emergency condition if you have too many ketones in your urine. Doctor suggest you take the insulin injection to lower the high blood sugar level. All the people have the ketone, but those who have high ketone levels should worry about it. Ketone is an acid made by the liver. The ketone test monitors the ketone level in the body. The higher the level, the higher the risk of stroke and diabetes. We have to keep the ketones level in control. The liver creates ketones from the fat, and our tissue uses these ketones as a fuel. If these ketones are normal in a body, then we don’t have to worry, but if they are very high, then we have many issues that can cause death. Due to illness, diabetic people face the problem of high ketones level. This could happen due to insufficient insulin in the body.

Ketone level
Sometimes, when you miss the insulin injection or have taken the faulty insulin injection, it will cause high ketones in your body. It also happens when you have not eaten anything, or you have an eating disorder. Sometimes we see the increase of ketones level during the pregnancy, High fever, pneumonia, heath attack, vomiting, diarrhea, infection, alcohol abuse. Your urine can show the ketones if you have experienced any of the above mention symptoms.
In Type 1, diabetes immune system attacks the cells that create the insulin, hence our blood sugar rises. The research shows that Type 1 diabetes has more ketones than type 2. In the case of type 1, the doctor advises you to take the ketones test. Doctor advise you to do ketones test when you have high blood sugar for the two days. It is also advisable to take ketones test when you are sick or when you are pregnant. There are symptoms like thirst, dry skin, frequent urination, vomiting, fatigue, and stomach pain, showing that you might need to take the ketones test. It is also advisable to take ketones test before breakfast. You need to do ketones test every 4 to 6 hours.
You can conduct ketones test at your home or in a doctor office. You can easily find the ketones test in a local drugstore.
Blood test and urine test can detect the ketones in our body. In case of a urine test, you need to collect your urine in a container. After that put the strip in a container and shake the strip, notice the change in the strip’s colour. The instruction manual and chart sheet will guide you to conduct the ketones test. The ketone urine test will show you the level of ketones in the urine. It ranges from no ketones to a high level of ketones.
You can lower the ketones level by drinking plenty of water, avoid heavy exercise and fasting. If you have a high level of ketones, then take doctor treatment immediately.

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