What does protein in urine mean?

When your urine has a high amount of protein, then it is called proteinuria. The kidney is an essential part of our body. It filters blood, absorbs protein, and removes the body’s waste in the form of urine. But for some reason, if your kidney is not performing properly, then the kidney can leak some protein into the urine, which causes a high amount of protein in the urine, also known as proteinuria.


What does protein in urine mean?

The healthy kidney does not let our body leak protein into the urine. It removes extra fluid and reabsorbs the protein. But when you have any kidney diseases, this absorbs protein that can leak into your urine. When your body produces an excess protein, then this excess protein can be found in the urine. Don’t worry, sometimes due to dehydration, protein can found in the urine. In such cases, drink water to increase fluid in the body. There are no early symptoms of kidney disease. The protein in the urine can be the early sign of kidney disease. There is no need to worry about protein in the urine unless and until you observed the following symptoms:
1> Bubbly pee
2>Frequent urination
3> Fatigue
4> Vomiting
5> Muscle weakness
6>difficulty in breathing

Let’s talked about some of the common causes of proteinuria.
1> Dehydration
3> Inflammation
4> Kidney stones
5>Low blood press
7> Low body temperature
Sometimes, the urine protein indicates that you have some serious health issues like diabetes and high BP.
The protein in the urine can be due to the following reasons.
1> Lupus
2> Kidney inflammation
3>Blood cancer
4>Cardiovascular disease
5>Kidney cancer
6>Heart attack

Let’s talked about some of the main causes of proteinuria:

1> Diabetes: The most common cause of protein in the urine is due to diabetes.
2> High BP: It is also observed that people suffering from high blood pressure problems have protein in the urine.
3>Age: Age is also an essential factor that causes proteinuria. As we get older, we are more prone to kidney disease. There are chances that kidney of people above 65 can leak protein in the urine
4>Family history: If your family member has kidney problems, then you may have proteinuria. We also found Asian, African, Latino, African American, Hispanic people have more kidney problems than others.
5>Obesity: We also found that obese people are suffering from proteinuria than fit people.

There is no way to find protein in the urine other than a urine test. The urine test finds the protein in the urine. You have to visit a urine testing laboratory for a urine test. The lab will give you a specimen cup for urination. You have to urinate in that cup so that lab will do a urinalysis. The doctor can perform the dipstick method for urinalysis to find whether you have protein in the urine or not. The dipstick will change its color when your urine has too much protein. Other than the urine test, the doctor can ask you to give a GMR blood test, Ultrasound test, CT scan, and kidney biopsy to assess the kidney’s health.
Proteinuria treatment:
The proteinuria treatment depends on the amount of protein in the urine. If you have a low or mild amount of protein in the urine, you might not need any treatment. If you have a high protein amount in the urine, then you need the following treatment:
1> Diet: IF you have diabetes, high BP, or kidney disease, then Follow the diet given by your doctor. Sometimes changes in diet can cure proteinuria
2>Weight loss: we have seen obese people have kidney problems; hence they are suffering from proteinuria. So losing weight is the best option for them to improve the functioning of the kidney.
3>Kidney dialysis: Kidney dialysis is used for treating the kidney diseases
4> Diabetes treatment: Diabetic people suffer from proteinuria because they have high excess sugar in the blood. So you need insulin to control the sugar in the blood.

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