What Is The Most Common Drug Test For Employment?

“Urine test” is the most common drug test used for employment. The urine drug test is used before the job applications and conducts the screening test to identify the usage of drugs or alcohol. A urine test is conducted for employment because urinalysis tests the presence of the type of drug as drug residues remains in the urine. The powdered urine is most commonly used to pass the employment drug test.
Why let a Drug Test Scare You?

How Do Drug Tests Are Conducted For Employers? 

  1. Blood and alcohol drug tests
  2. Mouth swab drug and alcohol tests
  3. Hair drug tests
  4. Urine drug and alcohol tests
  5. Breathe alcohol tests

In the process of job application, they ask the applicants for a screening test to identify the drug or alcohol usage. This drug testing is dependent on the company’s policy and state law. Employers should consider this screening test as the primary thing to get a job offer. A drug test can be conducted in any workplace which is permitted by state law.

Drug Test For Employment

There is also another type of employment drug test to identify the presence of drugs and alcohol. The tests include; urine drug tests, hair drug tests, blood drug tests, saliva drug tests, sweat drug tests, and breathe alcohol tests. The list of drug tests that employers utilize are:

  1. Pre-Employment Drug Test and Alcohol Screening: Pre-employment drug test is done before joining the job. During the process of hiring, drug tests are conducted under some circumstances. Hiring is done after the screening test, in some places screening test is done after the hiring process. US Department of transportation is covered by the federal government, they can’t test the employers selectively, as all the employers are tested for alcohol screening. If the test reports are unusual then the hiring process will be canceled.
  2. Company’s policy for alcohol and drug testing: Some of the companies initially tests the applications of job and the applicant’s history to check the illegal drug usage of applicants. According to state law screening test is done before the hiring process. Acknowledge the company’s policy of drug tests which specifies the company’s screening test policy.
  3. Alcohol and blood drug tests: A blood drug test and alcohol test is conducted when the employer is addicted to illegal drugs. The blood test calculates the alcohol content in the blood when the blood is fatigued. During a drug test screening employment considers the drug types like; PCP (phencyclidine), cocaine, barbiturates, marijuana (cannabis), opiates, alcohol, methamphetamines, and nicotine.
  4. Alcohol Blow test: To know the alcohol content in our body alcohol test is done with a device called breathe analyzer, it measures the quantity of alcohol in your body with a single blow. It estimates to results of alcohol in your bloodstream. Alcohol blow test shows the accurate results of intoxication and impairment.
  5. Hair test to identify the drug: A hair drug test is usually called a follicle test to identify the drug content from your scalp, hair test cannot identify the alcohol content but can identify other drug impurities such as; cocaine, opiates, marijuana (cannabis), phencyclidine, and methamphetamine. In order to perform this, test a piece of your hair is taken which is close to your scalp. Testing your hair near to the scalp gives accurate results.
  6. Company’s and marijuana drug testing: The federal government had not given legal permission for the usage of marijuana so employees cannot use this type of drug. Some of the states have given legal rights to use marijuana. In an instance, New York empathetic care provides an act towards the employees. Under the human rights law of New York State, a person who is prescribed marijuana is reviewed as a disabled person.
  7. Mouth swab and drug alcohol tests: Mouth swab test is also known as oral fluids test and saliva test. This test is conducted by collecting the saliva from the tongue or from inside the mouth. This test is conducted as a screening test and post-accident testing for employees before hiring. The saliva is examined and collected before the past two days. A swab test is easily collect saliva and test them. This testing is the least invasive drug test.
  8. Urine and alcohol drug testing: Urine test is the primary test conducted for employment test or pre-employment test. Click here to read about how much urine is needed for a drug test?
  9. Passing/Proceeding with a drug test: All the employees will follow a rule of attending a screening test to identify the alcohol and drug content before hiring. Employees tested even in workplace or company’s place. If the employee is concerned about passing a drug test. Make sure about taking all the precautions to pass a drug test. Learn the things about how drug testing is conducted.
  10. Workstation material of misemploy directives: There are several federal policies to provide instructions about abusive drugs in the workplace. Employers can be charged for illegal drug usage which may be drug and alcohol or positive results in a drug test can be prohibited. If employers are charged then the federal government and the state laws will punish them for the illegal drug usage by regarding them as disability and discrimination.

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Why The Drug Tests Are Conducted In The Workplace?

 Drug tests are conducted in the workplaces to ensure the safety of other employers and to maintain a dignity level with some standard measures. Usually, every company follows a health policy in order to keep the employer’s health stable by providing them insurance. If the employers are drug-addicted and alcohol addicted then there are chances of getting unstable with high insurance, so to save the additional costs and productivity of the company drug tests are conducted to certify the employees with benefits.

What Are The Consequences of Conducting A Drug Test?


Many companies follow different strategic rules and there are many consequences for a drug test such as:

  1. Pre-employment drug test
  2. Post-accidental drug test
  3. Random drug tests
  4. Reasonable suspicion drug tests
  5. Come-back drug tests
  6. Periodic drug tests

The above-mentioned drug tests are used according to their company rules and regulations. A company takes the drug test as the most important aspect to set a goal for their company. If the company detects and announces an employer as a disabled person then he may not get another employment at other workplaces.


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