Why Is My Urine Cloudy?

The normal human urine is a pale yellow colour, and it is transparent. But when you have cloudy urine, then there might be several reasons that cause cloudy urine. Here is a detailed post on urine colors.

Why Is My Urine Cloudy?

Dehydration, urinary tract infection, medication, kidney stones, STI, diabetes can cause cloudy urine. We have seen children aged people have more cloudy urine issues than young people. The more quickly you know about what causes your urine cloudy, the quicker you can get the treatment to fix the cloudy urine problem. Some young people can also experience cloudy urine in the morning or after doing the exercise. In this post, we will talk about the most common causes of cloudy urine and how you can fix cloudy urine.We also write one post on orange urine. I request you to check that post.

cloudy urine

1> Urinary tract infection:

UTI or urinary tract infection can cause cloudy urine. UTI can cause frequent urination, leaking urine, burning sensation while urinating, bad urine order and lower belly pain. The doctor suggests you some medication to kill the bacteria present in your kidneys, urethra and bladder. After finishing the UTI treatment, your urine would like normal human urine.

2>Dehydration: When you intake less water than your body needs, your urine has less water and more waste which causes the urine cloudy. During dehydration, you lose more water than you intake.

Some signs indicate your body is dehydrated:

1> Dry mouth

2> Smelly urine

3> Dizziness



6> Dark or cloudy urination

 Increasing water intake can increase the fluid level in your body. If you still urinate cloudy even after the increase in the water intake, you need to consult with the doctor.

 3> Kidney stones and infection:

Kidney stones can cause pain during urination; it can also cause side and back pain. Your urine could be smelly and cloudy when you have kidney stones. You can also have other symptoms like high fever, vomiting. The kidney stones and UTI could cause kidney infection if they left untreated or delayed in UTI treatment. Small stones will go away through urine, but the doctor will prescribe you some treatment to break up the stones if you have big kidney stones.

4>Sexually transmitted infection:

STI like Gonorrhea and chlamydia produce white cells which mix with the urine causes cloudy urine.

Some symptoms of STI:

1>Vaginal or penis discharge

2>Itching and strange odour of genitals.

3>Pain while urinating

4>Pain during sex


 5> Diabetes:

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can cause cloudy urine. Diabetes can cause problems in the kidney, and it can also cause dehydration, making urine cloudy. Some symptoms of diabetes can be:

1> Frequent urination

2> Blurry vision

3>Feeling thirsty or hungry often



6> Prostate Problems :

Problems in the prostate gland can cause cloudy urine. The infection in the prostate adds white cells in the urine, which make the urine cloudy. There are some symptoms of prostate problems:

1> Frequent urination

2> Bloody urine

3> Hips and back pain

4> Painful ejaculation

5>Burning sensation during urination


7> Diets:

Sometimes your diet can cause cloudy urine. If your diet has high phosphorus foods, then such foods can make your urine cloudy. Dairy products and meat have high phosphorus amount, which makes urine cloudy. 

The high intake of Vitamin D food can make your urine cloudy.

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