Why Is My Urine Orange?

I found out that there is very little information available on the internet about urine color. So i decided to write the posts on urine colors. Generally, the pee is yellow to white, but when your pee color is orange or red, or green, serious issues are happening in your body. It is possible to see a change in the urine color if something is wrong in our body. We also write one post on cloudy urine. I request you to check that post.

Many reasons can change in the urine color, and most of them are harmless. When you are dehydrated, your urine color will turn darker. Several reasons can cause orange urine, some of them are harmless, and some are not. When you have orange peel, it is always better to look at what you have drunk or ate the past 24 hours. Sometimes due to the citrus-flavored soft drink can cause orange urine. So if you consumed such beverages, then your pee can be orange in color. The orange color pee is short-lived, meaning that it will go in one day. But if you continuously have orange pee, then you have to consult with the doctor. Urine is the byproduct of our body, and it gets stored in the bladder. It goes out of our body through urination.

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Why Is My Urine Orange?

Let’s talked about some of the common causes of orange urine:


One of the common reasons that cause a change in urine color is dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, then your urine color may turn orange. It possible to see the orange color urine in the morning because most of us avoid drinking water before going to sleep. You can drink more water to stay hydrated so that you will get normal urine.

Food and drinks:

The food and drinks that contain beta-carotene can cause orange peel. Foods like carrot, carrot juice, citrus-flavored soft drink, beet can cause orange urine.


The high dose of vitamin B-12, vitamin C, and beta-carotene can change the urine color. IF you are taking supplements and vitamins, then it is possible to have orange urine. 


Sometimes drugs and medicines can change the color of the urine to orange. For example, Laxatives contains the herb senna, which can cause orange color pee. The medications that contain phenazopyridine are used to treat urinary tract infections can turn pee into the orange color. Anti-inflammatory medicines and antibiotics used for diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and bowel inflammation can cause orange color pee.

So if your doctor is prescribing you such medication, then it is normal to have orange color pee.  


If you are undergoing chemotherapy, then the chemotherapy drugs you are taking can cause a change in urine color. When you see a change in urine color, you need to consult with the doctor. Sometimes chemotherapy drugs can damage your kidney and urine bladder, which can cause orange peel.

 Liver problem: No matter what you do to change the urine color, but you still have orange color urine, then it is due to the problem in the kidney. If the orange urine persists for multiple days, then consult with your doctor immediately.

 Urinary tract infection: The urinary tract infection is the most common cause of orange color urine. The liver, kidney, and bladder cancer cause orange color urine.

You immediately need to consult with the doctor if you have orange pee and other serious symptoms such as high fever, continuous vomiting, back or full body pain.

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