Xstream synthetic urine review 2024

Does XStream synthetic urine work for a lab test, or just it is for fetish play? XStream Fetish Urine is premix urine but is it worth your money? Let’s find out in this review. If you want a job in a reputable company, you should prepare to pass the pre-employment drug test. You have to beat the pre-employment drug test. One of the common methods that employees use to cheat the drug test is synthetic urine.

There are many synthetic urine brands in the market, such as liquid, powdered, and premix. Each synthetic urine type has its pros and cons. Like some people don’t want powdered urine. They want ready-to-use premix synthetic urine. You can use premix synthetic urine directly for the test without adding water. One such premix synthetic urine brand is XStream synthetic urine.

XStream synthetic urine is premix synthetic urine. XStream urine is marketed as fetish urine. This post checks whether Xstream urine is good for a lab test.

XStream Synthetic urine review

Synthetic urine is in demand for its ability to pass the drug test. Many brands, such as Quick fix, Upass, Magnum, Testclear urine, and magnum detox, entered the market. XStream fetish urine is relatively new in the market but does it effective in passing the test?

xstream synthetic urine review

XStream synthetic urine is not designed for the drug test. XStream urine contains urea and uric acid but does not have an advanced formula that will pass the test. You might not be able to pass the advanced drug test conducted by a lab like Concentra, LabCorp, Quest, and CRL with XStream.

Testclear powdered urine is a good alternative to XStream urine. Powdered urine is toxin-free and has an advanced formula that can easily pass the urine test.

When to use XStream Fetish urine

XStream synthetic urine is good for a prank. If you want to prank your friend, then the XStream synthetic urine is a good choice. XStream fetish urine smells like real human urine. It has yellow coloring, so your friend will think that prank is done using real urine.

If you want to enjoy wet sex but don’t want to use real urine, then XStream urine is a good choice. It is 100% clean urine, so you can use it for fetish play without worrying about STDs. The XStream synthetic is originally designed for fetish play. But some people are using it for lab tests.

XStream Synthetic urine ingredients:

Here are the main ingredients of XStream urine Urea, Uric Acid, ammonia, yellow color, and creatinine. Several other ingredients in the Xstream urine make it look like real human urine.

What is inside the XStream urine:

  • 3 oz bottle of XStream synthetic urine with the flip-top cap.
  • Hand warmer to heat the urine for the drug test.
  • Rubber band to hide the urine in your underpants or bra.
  • Instruction manual about how to use the XStream urine.

XStream Synthetic urine features:

  • XStream Synthetic urine has urea and uric acid as the main ingredients.
  • It is 100% biocide-free urine. The real human does not contain biocide. Some synthetic urine brands add biocide, which makes them less effective for the test.
  • It has Specific gravity in a range of 1.005 to 1.030.
  • It is premix synthetic urine, so you don’t need to dilute it.
  • It has a pH level in the range of 4.6 to 8.0.
  • It smells like human urine.

Why should you not use XStream synthetic urine for the drug test?

XStream urine is fetish urine, and you can’t expect it to pass the drug test. To beat the drug test, you need synthetic urine with advanced formula and components present in real urine. It is hard to maintain the temperature of XStream synthetic pee. It takes a lot of time to heat the urine. People who used XStream urine in the past do not recommend XStream urine for the test.

The XStream urine gives no clear instructions for using urine to pass the urine screening test. So it is quite difficult for a beginner to use it.

It is a single-use product that is not reheatable, so you cannot use it multiple times. So once you open the urine, you must use it within a few days. It will not work when you leave it open for several days.

 How to use Xstream synthetic urine

XStream synthetic urine is premix urine, so you don’t need to add anything. Once you open the urine, you need to keep it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Do not overheat heat the urine.

It is essential to keep the urine at body temperature for the drug test. Use the hand warmer given with the kit to keep the urine at 94- 100 degrees. You can use a rubber band to wrap a hand warmer around the urine bottle.

Does XStream synthetic urine expire if not opened?

XStream synthetic urine does not contain any preservatives like biocide to keep urine fresh. Please refer to the expiry date given on the pack.

How many times can you reheat XStream synthetic urine?

Only once, You should not reheat XStream synthetic multiple times. If you heat it multiple times, then it will not be useful.

Will XStream synthetic urine work with a lab screen?

No, XStream synthetic urine is fetish urine and does not have an advanced chemical formula that beats the lab urine screening test.

Can you reheat XStream synthetic urine?

No, You should not reheat the XStream urine multiple times. It is a single-use product, so you must heat it only once before the test.

Does XStream synthetic urine work for LabCorp?

No, XStream synthetic urine will not work for the LabCorp test. XStream urine cannot beat the Labcorp specimen validity test.

Where to buy XStream synthetic urine in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

No, XStream synthetic urine is unavailable in any local store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You need to order it online.

Is XStream fetish urine out of business?

No, XStream fetish urine is not out of business.

Can XStream urine be reheated as long as it’s still sealed?

You should not heat the seal pack XStream synthetic urine multiple times.

Quick fix 6.2 and XStream synthetic urine made by the same company?

No, Quick fix and XStream are two different synthetic urine brands. Spectrum labs manufacture Quick fix urine.



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