What does ketones in urine mean?

Normally our body burns glucose or sugar for energy, but sometimes, when our body doesn’t get enough glucose, it burns fat. This burned fat produces ketones acid. This acid is shown up in our body and the urine. This Ketone level needs to be monitored. The high ketone level shows that the person has diabetes, … Read more

Reliable STD Tests at Home

Getting a regular STD(Sexually transmitted disease) test is the play of embarrassment or being seen getting a regular STD test is something that gives an awkward feeling and the stigma attached to it is one of the most common barriers There are several ways of being tested for STD and that can be done at … Read more

About Us : Tafmed research Team 2023

Tafmed is an online medical publication that shares health and medical-related information. Tafmed research team shares their knowledge and information on this site. We publish the latest health-related news and articles on this site. Our expert does good research on complete body detox and cleansing. We share all this information for free on this site. … Read more