Urine facials: Is putting urine on your face good?

There is a lot of debate about urine therapy, i was not fully aware of the topic of urine therapy. I know it is a little gross topic to talk about, but my blog is about urine research, so i got many questions regarding urine therapy. I know that many peoples use urine for health and skin treatment. I used to think about urine drinking and applying urine to the skin. So i decided to talk with the person that using urine therapy. So in this post, i will talk about urine therapy for the skin.
The person that i talked about urine therapy told me that his family using urine therapy for decades. His grandmother still use urine on her face. She still looks younger than other older adults. She even told her daughters to do the same. I did many searches regarding urine therapy, but no proven evidence suggests the benefits of urine for the skin. Many people in Asian counties drink human and cow urine. Urine therapy is also mentioned in Ayurveda urine therapy.

urine therapy for skin problems
We all suffer from several skin-related problems such as acne, wrinkles. People who did urine therapy told me that they are getting good benefits from it. There are not many people who openly talked about urine therapy, so there is very little information available.
People who use urine therapy use fresh morning urine for the therapy. They apply the fresh urine to the face and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Then they wash the face with water. Some people also apply urine to the skin twice a day. The idea behind urine therapy is that the acid in the urine removes the dead layers of skin.
They told me that their majority of skin problems are now solved. They have little to no acne and wrinkles. They said to me that urine therapy is better than expensive skincare products. The urine consists of 95% of water, so you are using water to cure your skin related problems. There are many benefits of urine therapy that you can find on the internet.
I will not undergo urine therapy. There are multiple reasons behind that.
There is very little information about urine therapy, plus there is no evidence that shows the urine therapy for skin works.
The urine can contain bacteria that might good for our skin. I am not comfortable applying urine to the skin.

So i don’t recommend urine therapy as of now. I probably change my mind if there is scientific evidence and research-backed urine therapy. If you want to try urine therapy, then you can give it a try. Make sure you try the therapy by taking a little amount of urine for the test. If you see any benefits, then try applying urine to the whole skin.

Urine pH: Ideal Urine pH And Alkaline Urine

The pH of urine tells about the alkalinity of the urine. The pH test measure acidity of the urine. The doctor recommend you to do a pH test when you have problems related to the urinary tract. The urine pH test is a painless and straightforward process, so you should not worry about the pH test. Diseases, diets and medicines affect the urine. It will make urine acidic or basic. When you have extremely low or high pH, it indicates that there is the possibility of forming stones in the kidney. The pH test will give you the early warning to adjust your diets to prevent the likelihood of the kidney stones.

urine pH

The urine is made of water, waste and salt. What we eat and drink affect the pH of the urine. Acidic food like grains, fish, soda and sugar increase the acidity of the urine. If the urine has low pH, then it indicates the acidic urine. Means that we are at risk of diabetes, diarrhoea and starvation.

Alkaline food like nuts, vegetables, foods and high protein foods increase the pH of the urine. If the urine has high pH, it indicates our urine is alkaline, meaning that we are at risk of developing kidney stones, urinary tract infection and kidney problems.

The doctor might ask you what you ate before the pH test to evaluate the pH test result. The food we eat affects the acidic or alkalinity of the urine. If our diet has a high amount of vegetables and a low amount of meat, it is more likely to have urine pH above eight, which indicates the alkaline urine.

If our diet has a high amount of meat, it is more likely to have urine pH below five, which indicates the acidic urine.


The pH test will tell a lot about the overall health of your body. It gives an early sign of future diseases that you may face. There are no side effects of pH test, so you can quickly test the urine pH without any issues. 

What is the normal pH of urine?

Each laboratory has its pH range; the normal pH range of the urine is 4.5 to 7.8. The average pH of urine is 6. The higher the value of pH indicates, the more alkaline it is. The lower the value of pH suggests, the more acidic it is. The pH above 8 indicates the alkalinity and pH below 5 means the acidic urine.’

 Why is it important to test the pH of urine?

Various factors affect the pH level, so the pH test alone will not significantly tell you about your body. However, the doctor can consider testing the urine’s pH level when you have other symptoms to make a diagnosis. For example, when you have kidney stones symptoms, the doctor asks you to do a pH test to check the urine’s alkalinity. Similarly, when you have symptoms of diabetes, the doctor can ask you to do a pH test to check the pH of the urine.

 How is the pH test conducted?

For performing pH test doctor need 1- 2 ounces of clean urine so that there will be no bacteria present in the urine. There are various way of conducting pH.

1>Visual: The doctor looks at the colour of the urine. Doctor checks whether your urine has blood or any other foreign material.IT also check whether urine appears cloudy or not.

2> Dipstick method: In the dipstick method, the litmus paper checks the urine’s acidity or alkalinity. The change in litmus paper colour tells about whether the urine is acidic or alkalic.


The lab will check the small amount of urine sample under the microscope. It will check whether any blood cells, crystals are present in urine or not.


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What does ketones in urine mean?

What does protein in urine mean?

When your urine has a high amount of protein, then it is called proteinuria. The kidney is an essential part of our body. It filters blood, absorbs protein, and removes the body’s waste in the form of urine. But for some reason, if your kidney is not performing properly, then the kidney can leak some protein into the urine, which causes a high amount of protein in the urine, also known as proteinuria.


What does protein in urine mean?

The healthy kidney does not let our body leak protein into the urine. It removes extra fluid and reabsorbs the protein. But when you have any kidney diseases, this absorbs protein that can leak into your urine. When your body produces an excess protein, then this excess protein can be found in the urine. Don’t worry, sometimes due to dehydration, protein can found in the urine. In such cases, drink water to increase fluid in the body. There are no early symptoms of kidney disease. The protein in the urine can be the early sign of kidney disease. There is no need to worry about protein in the urine unless and until you observed the following symptoms:
1> Bubbly pee
2>Frequent urination
3> Fatigue
4> Vomiting
5> Muscle weakness
6>difficulty in breathing

Let’s talked about some of the common causes of proteinuria.
1> Dehydration
3> Inflammation
4> Kidney stones
5>Low blood press
7> Low body temperature
Sometimes, the urine protein indicates that you have some serious health issues like diabetes and high BP.
The protein in the urine can be due to the following reasons.
1> Lupus
2> Kidney inflammation
3>Blood cancer
4>Cardiovascular disease
5>Kidney cancer
6>Heart attack

Let’s talked about some of the main causes of proteinuria:

1> Diabetes: The most common cause of protein in the urine is due to diabetes.
2> High BP: It is also observed that people suffering from high blood pressure problems have protein in the urine.
3>Age: Age is also an essential factor that causes proteinuria. As we get older, we are more prone to kidney disease. There are chances that kidney of people above 65 can leak protein in the urine
4>Family history: If your family member has kidney problems, then you may have proteinuria. We also found Asian, African, Latino, African American, Hispanic people have more kidney problems than others.
5>Obesity: We also found that obese people are suffering from proteinuria than fit people.

There is no way to find protein in the urine other than a urine test. The urine test finds the protein in the urine. You have to visit a urine testing laboratory for a urine test. The lab will give you a specimen cup for urination. You have to urinate in that cup so that lab will do a urinalysis. The doctor can perform the dipstick method for urinalysis to find whether you have protein in the urine or not. The dipstick will change its color when your urine has too much protein. Other than the urine test, the doctor can ask you to give a GMR blood test, Ultrasound test, CT scan, and kidney biopsy to assess the kidney’s health.
Proteinuria treatment:
The proteinuria treatment depends on the amount of protein in the urine. If you have a low or mild amount of protein in the urine, you might not need any treatment. If you have a high protein amount in the urine, then you need the following treatment:
1> Diet: IF you have diabetes, high BP, or kidney disease, then Follow the diet given by your doctor. Sometimes changes in diet can cure proteinuria
2>Weight loss: we have seen obese people have kidney problems; hence they are suffering from proteinuria. So losing weight is the best option for them to improve the functioning of the kidney.
3>Kidney dialysis: Kidney dialysis is used for treating the kidney diseases
4> Diabetes treatment: Diabetic people suffer from proteinuria because they have high excess sugar in the blood. So you need insulin to control the sugar in the blood.

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How To Get Rid Of Urine From Your Mattress

We all love to play with our dogs and cat on the mattress, but the problem arises when our cat and dog urinate on the mattress. This nasty smell of cat urine and odour is hard to remove if you don’t know the right way. I know most of my site reader face this issue every week, but none of them talks openly about it. Not only the pet but also our children have some bedwetting issue. So this post on how to remove urine smell from mattress will help a lot of people. Some people don’t take any action to remove the odour from the bed. They let the mattress dry so that wetness will go away. They also spray perfume on the mattress to remove the odour.

Spraying perfume on the mattress is not the best way to clean the mattress. You will be allowing mold to grow on the mattress if you do not adequately clean the market. The aroma of urine will not be able to get proper sleep.
Sometimes our children don’t tell us about the urine on the mattress, so urine gets absorbed into the mattress in such cases. Using a good quality mattress protector makes it hard to get urine through the protector. If your mattress protector is of low quality or no protector on your mattress, then urine can quickly soak through that mattress protector. Most of the cleaning solutions are not properly remove the odour and stains from the bed. Also, these cleaning solutions contain some chemical that are harmful to your children.

How To Get Rid Of Urine From Your Mattress

How To Get Rid Of Urine From Your Mattress?.

You can use the available products in your home to remove the stains and odours from the mattress.
One method that i like to use one method for stain and odour removal to use baking soda, white vinegar and some towels. First, i spray white vinegar on my mattress, i spray it over the area where the actual urination happened. I then turn off the fan to let the vinegar sit on the mattress for atleast 10 min. If the stain is new, then use to towel or tissue paper to blot it. While removing the urine from the mattress, do not press the mattress. If you pressed the urine, it would get soaked into the mattress, so gently pull the mattress’s surface urine.

urine smell
Vinegar is a suitable homemade method of stain removal, and it works very well. After that, i sprinkle some baking soda all over the mattress, and i let it sit on the mattress for five hours. I know some of you might not be comfortable with putting baking soda on the bed. But if you want to protect the mattress from the mold, then you have to do this step. The final step is to use a vacuum clear to clean the baking soda from the mattress. This method is effective and removes most of the stains and bad smell from the mattress.
I prefer white vinegar over other cleaning solution because white vinegar is cheap and contains no harmful chemical. We also notice that some people get a great result with apple cider vinegar. However, apple cider vinegar is expensive than the distilled white vinegar. That is why i prefer distilled white vinegar. If you don’t have time to all the above steps that i mentioned, you can use a waterproof mattress cover to protect your mattress. A good quality mattress cover protects the mattress from pet urine. However, i don’t use waterproof mattress cover as my child is not getting comfortable sleep when i put a waterproof cover on the bed. It is also advisable to put your mattress out in the sun so that direct sunlight from the sun will remove the stains from the mattress. I tried this method, and i like it.

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What does ketones in urine mean?

Normally our body burns glucose or sugar for energy, but sometimes, when our body doesn’t get enough glucose, it burns fat. This burned fat produces ketones acid. This acid is shown up in our body and the urine. This Ketone level needs to be monitored. The high ketone level shows that the person has diabetes, sometimes this high level of ketones can lead to coma or death. People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes must monitor their ketone level. It is more common in a type 1 diabetes person. A ketone urine test detects the ketones present in the urine. The doctor may ask you to give the urine sample for the urine test. Ketones show that the person is not getting enough insulin that the body needs. Hence for such patients, doctor recomend to take insulin injection.

ketones in urine

What does ketones in urine mean?

Doctor recomend ketones test to the People who have a high risk of developing ketones. The ketones urine test tells you whether you have high blood sugar or not. You are in an emergency condition if you have too many ketones in your urine. Doctor suggest you take the insulin injection to lower the high blood sugar level. All the people have the ketone, but those who have high ketone levels should worry about it. Ketone is an acid made by the liver. The ketone test monitors the ketone level in the body. The higher the level, the higher the risk of stroke and diabetes. We have to keep the ketones level in control. The liver creates ketones from the fat, and our tissue uses these ketones as a fuel. If these ketones are normal in a body, then we don’t have to worry, but if they are very high, then we have many issues that can cause death. Due to illness, diabetic people face the problem of high ketones level. This could happen due to insufficient insulin in the body.

Ketone level
Sometimes, when you miss the insulin injection or have taken the faulty insulin injection, it will cause high ketones in your body. It also happens when you have not eaten anything, or you have an eating disorder. Sometimes we see the increase of ketones level during the pregnancy, High fever, pneumonia, heath attack, vomiting, diarrhea, infection, alcohol abuse. Your urine can show the ketones if you have experienced any of the above mention symptoms.
In Type 1, diabetes immune system attacks the cells that create the insulin, hence our blood sugar rises. The research shows that Type 1 diabetes has more ketones than type 2. In the case of type 1, the doctor advises you to take the ketones test. Doctor advise you to do ketones test when you have high blood sugar for the two days. It is also advisable to take ketones test when you are sick or when you are pregnant. There are symptoms like thirst, dry skin, frequent urination, vomiting, fatigue, and stomach pain, showing that you might need to take the ketones test. It is also advisable to take ketones test before breakfast. You need to do ketones test every 4 to 6 hours.
You can conduct ketones test at your home or in a doctor office. You can easily find the ketones test in a local drugstore.
Blood test and urine test can detect the ketones in our body. In case of a urine test, you need to collect your urine in a container. After that put the strip in a container and shake the strip, notice the change in the strip’s colour. The instruction manual and chart sheet will guide you to conduct the ketones test. The ketone urine test will show you the level of ketones in the urine. It ranges from no ketones to a high level of ketones.
You can lower the ketones level by drinking plenty of water, avoid heavy exercise and fasting. If you have a high level of ketones, then take doctor treatment immediately.

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Reliable STD Tests at Home

Getting a regular STD(Sexually transmitted disease) test is the play of embarrassment or being seen getting a regular STD test is something that gives an awkward feeling and the stigma attached to it is one of the most common barriers

There are several ways of being tested for STD and that can be done at the home too with the kits provided to test the dreadful diseases.You can read this post on are at home std kits are accurate to decide whether to trust at home std test kits or not.

If you have had unprotected sex other than the monogamous partner then it is your responsibility to get tested as STD can be proved dreadful for you near and dear ones. Untreated STD may have several dreadful consequences such as infertility and higher susceptibility to HIV.

std test


STD Tests at Home

            Some common STI(sexually transmitted infection) such as Chlamydia do not need to be examined, just a quick urine or vaginal swab sample is enough to test for Chlamydia.

  • With the simple STD test kit of com, it can be done simply and privately in the comfort zone of home without having any kind of embarrassing visits to the doctor.
  • The kit is available in my website and can be delivered within a short period after getting registered and booking the kit on the website.

Another STD besides Chlamydia is gonorrhea and the kit in Mylabs.com can allow checking for both sexually transmitted infections from home.

  • The test kit for men contains urine test and the test can be done or you can collect your sample at home and send it to the Mylabs laboratory and the results will be obtained within 2 to 3 days of the sample reaching the laboratory.

You can go through the Mylab website and all you need is to click on the test at home button and you can get all the details of the process you have to undergo. It is highly recommended that the kits that are provided for Home STD test are just to check for STD, but urgent treatment is must for every person who gets positive in Tests.

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